BCAA Payment Process

BCAA is instituting a new game fee payment procedure designed to get officials paid faster this fall. The desired end result is that officials will receive payment by direct deposit 3-9 days after each contest is played. There are some requirements on our end that we will need to accomplish, in order to implement the new process.


  • Only applies to the Broward PUBLIC SCHOOLS, private, and charter schools will continue to use their own payment methods

  • Your EXISTING BCAA VENDOR NUMBER will stay the same and will be used in the new payment system.

  • The sign-in sheet will be PRE-APPROVED by the school's athletic director in order to streamline and speed the payment process

  • The form will be sent promptly to one DESIGNATED PERSON at the payroll office tasked with generating all payments to officials


  • Only new official must complete a Request for Taxpayer Identification - W-9 form

  • Only new official must complete a new direct deposit authorization - ACH Payment Agreement


  • Will I have to do this for every sport I officiate? - NO, completing the forms will enter you into the system for all BCAA sports

  • I already have direct deposit do I need to complete a new ACH form? - YES, all officials must complete a new ACH form

  • Must I provide my social security number on the W-9? - YES, all officials must submit a completed, and signed W-9 form

  • When must this be accomplished? - ASAP, in order for BCAA to get the data entry done and in place before the season starts

  • What will I need to complete both of these forms? - You will need the following information to complete the forms

      • Social Security number

      • BCAA vendor number

      • Direct Deposit Info - Name of Bank, Branch/State, Routing number, Account number, type Checking or Savings

      • A voided check to verify your bank details and routing number if depositing into a checking account

  • Where can I get these forms? - www.bcvoa.org