The FHSAA has requested the 2017 Girls Volleyball Playoff Recommendations. At this point, it appears that a maximum of six (6) crews will be established.  The Executive Board will act as the Recommendation Committee for the 2017-2018.  Once the Recommendation Committee has selected the committee, it will be sent the membership for a vote.  Everything must be completed by October 10, 2017, to ensure that he crews are compiled and submitted to FHSAA by their deadline of 10/13/2017. The crews will consist of four (4) officials  R1, R2, Line Judge 1, Line Judge 2.  The FHSAA has indicated that the crews will remain together for each round. This is important that officials are committed, and must be aware that traveling maybe required.  The following are the dates and coverage:


October 25 (Wednesday)        Regional Quarter Final 5A-9A  (Potential 6 crews)

October 26 (Thursday)            Regional Semifinal 1A-4A         (Potential 5 crews)

November 1st (Wednesday)    Regional Semifinal 5A-9A         (Potential 5 crews)

November 2nd (Thursday)        Regional Final 1A-4A                 (Potential 4 crews)

November 7th (Tuesday)         Regional Final 5A-9A                (Potential 4 crews)

November 11th (Saturday)       State Semifinals                        (Potential 3 crews)

November 16-18                      State Finals Univ. of N Florida  (Potential 3 crews)


The Recommendation Committee will make the recommendations of crews based on the FHSAA criteria listed under FHSAA Officials Guidebook Section 302.02 Criteria to be followed in making assignments. The criteria is as follows:


(1) Officials who are classified by the FHSAA as Rank 1 or Rank 2 in that

sport;  (Relating to the R1 & R2 positions)

(2) Officials who were selected to officiate a district tournament contest in

that sport;

(3) Officials who have scored “80” or above on the FHSAA rules

examination for that sport;

(4) Officials who have completed a field clinic within the previous four

years and a state evaluation within the previous two or three years,

(depending on the sport), with the exception of swimming & diving;

(5) Officials who are recommended to the FHSAA Office by the local

officials association to which they belong. (The FHSAA Office may request

the local association to submit regular season evaluations for recommended


(6) Uniform must be the sanctioned FHSAA uniform.  ( Must have the required FHSAA shirt with patch)  


Additional criteria for line judges:

  1. Officials scored “70” or above on the FHSAA rules examination for sports

  2. Officials who have work district level games


If you meet the above requirement(s) and interested in being selected for a crew please click here and register for to be on a crew. Please don’t send me any email directly as I will not entertain.   The deadline for registering is 10/06/2017 @ 12n.  Again, once the committee has been created it will be disseminated for a vote, via Election Buddy.  The vote will only be open for one (1) day.


If you are selected for a crew, the FHSAA has the total authority under Official Guidebook Section 302.(01), in determining who will officiate although you are on a crew.