Broward County Basketball Officials Association

2020-2021 Registration & General Information

We are entering a new season with a lot of unknown due to COVID19. Currently, the fall sports are on schedule. But, COVID19 is very fluent and precautionary measures will be forthcoming from the School District as to measures and requirements associated that must be adhered to.  There is one change the Association has implemented which an electronic whistle will be required this season. Obtaining an electronic whistle can be obtain on Association website @ Members will be made aware of changes as they become available.

The Broward County Volleyball Officials Association (BCVOA), 2020- 2021 membership registration will commence on July 13, 2020. The registration process will be performed electronically at the following link: This will include payment of membership fee.  Fees will be able to be paid through the application portal via Pay-pal or credit card. Prior to registering, interested parties and past members should review the Association’s Constitution, and By-Laws. Future Association Guidelines will be provided as it become available.



                             Guidelines – (Will be posted in near future)


Registration Fee and Eligibility deadline:


July 13, 2019 – August 5,2020 - $60.00

Registration and Eligibility deadline is August 5, 2020.  Anyone registering after registration deadline will not be eligible to receive any game assignment for two weeks starting with the first assigned game. In addition, all members must satisfy all training requirement of Association prior to becoming eligible for any game assignment(s). 

Exception to Registration and Eligibility deadline requirement will be transfer officials. A transfer official(s) will become eligible for game assignments upon the completion of all Association registration, security, meetings and training requirements, and evaluation to demonstrate official skill level prior to a compensated game assignment.

A transfer official(s) is classified as an official who is currently registered with another sanctioned Association i.e., high school or collegiate, registered with that state sanctioned Association prior to or at the time applying with BCVOA.  In addition, a transfer official must be in good standing in his/her previous registered Association. Transfer official(s) must provide appropriate documents for verification at the request of Executive Board. The Executive Board will make the determination of official eligibility including verification of status from official previous Association. The Executive Board will notify to official and BCAA Booking Commissioner once eligibility is determined.  A transfer official(s), not meeting all requirements WILL NOT be eligible for any game assignment(s). That official can become a member with BCVOA if all registration, and fees are satisfied. That individual(s) will have a status of “good standing” and afforded all rights EXCEPT for “eligible to work game assignment.”.

Any officials failing to register before FHSAA deadline and/or pass the FHSAA exam successfully will not be eligible for any assignment regardless if you are a current member or transferred.  NO EXCEPTION.

As mentioned, a transfer official(s) will be required to demonstrate his/her officiating skill level prior to being assigned any game where compensation is involved. A transfer official(s) must seek an evaluation from the Evaluation Committee. The evaluation will be performed by pre-selected evaluators by the Executive Board. The Evaluation Committee will coordinate with the Booking Commissioner. The Association recommends a non-district game to conduct the evaluation of transfer official. The assigned game will be non-compensated. 

New officials registering after the eligibility deadline will not be eligible for any game assignment for the girls or MSAA. New officials will have the opportunity become eligible for boys’ season, by completing required training and/or supplemental. New officials will be required to attend live matches with an assigned evaluator. A training module will be established by Training Committee and/or Executive Board for those specific occasions.  The training module will consist but not limited to instructional and practical.  The new officials will not be allowed to officiate any game during first couple training sessions. They should mimic the R1 and R2 from a distance that does not interfere with the match. The new official will be allowed to participate in pre-game conference with officials, captains and coaches, prepare line card, and perform functions at table. No official can receive compensation while going through training.


All officials are required to meet the Jessica Lunsford Act. No official will be allowed to participate in any activities with student athletics without successfully clearing a security background.  All official must provide the Association and Booking Commissioner a copy of valid security badge to verify successful clearance.

The following registration process will enable officials to successfully complete all requirement;

Step 1:  Must register with the BCVOA & BCAA Officiating Application at paid membership via application process via PayPal or credit card.

Step 2:  New official only, must complete a fillable IRS W9 Form and Banking Institution ACH Form. Forms should be saved and sent to (Returning member is not required to complete financial package unless information had changed from previous year.)

Step 3:  Must register with the FHSAA @           


Security Clearance/Badge:

All official must obtain a successful security clearance per Jessica Lunsford Act. Failure to secure a successful clearance shall prevent you from officiating any sport. You are urge get the security clearance as soon as possible. Information and processes for obtain a security clearance can be found on Association website or using the following links:

To setup an appointment; you can select the following link:  or

or review the tutorial:  

Additional information can be found at the following link:

Field Print Codes:

FieldPrint and/or Broward School Security Clearance Department will notify applicant of their clearance status.  If, successful you will be notified when and where to pick up ID Badge. Normally, the security badge will be sent via USPS by Dawn Turner in Student Athletics & Activities.    

Any NEW and RENEWAL security badge must be submitted to BCVOA and Booking Commissioner.  Member should take a picture of your badge and send via email in an attachment to and Booking Commissioner. Please do not send the email from Security Clearance Department; it is not a substitute for the security badge. No officials will be considered for any game assignment until Association and Booking Commissioner has received the security badge. Members are required to have their security badge on their person or readily available if requested by a school administrator or designee.

Mandatory Meeting and Training Requirements:

Due to COVID 19, the Association will conduct majority or all its meeting and classroom training virtually.  Training session will be broadcast through Zoom and YouTube.  Dates, times, and links will be posted on Association website.  Members will be required to sign in, view training session, and actively participate virtual training.  Successful completion of a short quiz will be required after each training session.  This is to ensure members are reviewing material and not just signing in.  Member failing to successfully past the quiz will be required to review and take another short quiz of the material viewed. 

The following are the training and meeting requirement:

Officials 1-3 yrs. of service – Must attend four (4) virtual classroom training, (1) meeting, and three (3) court session training and all assigned intra-squad.

Officials 4+ yrs. of service - Must attend one (1) virtual classroom training, (1) meeting, and one (1) court training and all assigned intra-squad.

Court Training: (Location/date/time TBD)

Date 1

Date 2

Date 3

Date 4

Date 5

Intra-squad: (Officials will be assigned)

Court training date/time and location will be posted on Association’s calendar as it become available.  In addition, member will be notified via Arbiter Sports.

Member officials will have an opportunity to make-up required training session(s).  Member officials will be allowed to achieve training during live games, but not compensated.

Member officials will only serve as a trainee and be an additional official to the regular crew (R1 & R2). The member official will go through all aspect i.e., pre-game conference with partner, equipment checks pre-game conference with players and head coach, maintain line-up card, and mirror the assigned officials.  The member officials will be required to attend both games (JV and Varsity). Only returning officials will be able to the live game.  Only varsity level official can work in the R1 spot during a varsity match.  Any makeup training must be coordinated and approved by the Training Coordinator in conjunction with Executive Board.  Training Coordinator will coordinate with the Booking Commissioner on best available match to utilize. Members cannot just show-up at a game, nor work with any official.  Member is required to work with a Training Clinician pre-identified by the Executive Board. 

It is solely the responsibility of the member officials to contact the Association to complete its required training.  Upon completion of training requirement, the Association will inform the Booking Commissioner of official eligibility.  

The BCVOA Executive Board is aware individuals have other obligations, but officiating volleyball is a choice and members must meet all requirements.  Executive Board has established an opportunity to enable officials to meet mandatory requirements. Failure to meet those requirements shall result in disciplinary actions including but not limited to penalty e.g., ineligibility for game assignments, or fine.  If, member is not clear as to requirement; please send an email to , for clarification. Lack of knowledge will be no excuse.

Mentoring Program:

 The Association is in the process of developing a mentoring program to aide in the transition and development of new officials as well as enhancement current official skill set. Mentee will be able to contact their mentor and discuss play situation, training, etc.  In addition, attend games whenever possible to observe.  The Association feels this program will provide another tool in the toolbox for our officials. In the meantime, new officials can contact the Training Coordinator or member of Executive Board.

Vendor Number  

New members must obtain a vendor number.  This number will be provided by the BCAA after successfully completing all requirements. If, member have not received a vendor number at time of receiving game assignment; the member should Dawn @ (754) 321-1202. Please do not contact the BCAA Office until all your registration i.e.., BCVOA/BCAA application, FHSAA registration, W9, and Banking Institution ACH Form, and security clearance (security badge received by Association). The Association Secretary will be providing the BCAA and Booking Commissioner registration information on a weekly basis.  

Again, if any returning official(s) had any change in your banking information of W9 status, a new W9 and ACH Form must be completed. Forms are fillable and can be save and attached to an email. Forms must be sent to  Dawn Turner @ Failure will result in delay in payment.

Arbiter Sport Account: 

The FHSAA utilizes Arbiter Sports as primary registration app.  First time officials registering with the FHSAA, will create Arbiter account during FHSAA registration. The FHSAA will assign accounts to official primary association upon completing their process.  

The BCAA and BCVOA utilizes Arbiter Sports for game assignments and dissemination of information to members.  Members must ensure their calendar availability is current and set account for “ready to be assigned”.

New officials will be provided training on Arbiter Sports during training sessions but encourage to review the Arbiter tutorial on the Arbiter app.